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(It is based on the premise that Childhood is a journey, not a race)


  • Interactive teaching
  • Experiential learning based on multiple learning styles and multiple intelligences theory
  • Language and speech through drama /theatre
  • Personality development programme (yoga, aerobics, meditation, singing, orchestra, dancing, drama, puppetry, public speaking, recitation, story-time, role-play, discovery-hour, circle-time, nature-walk, itihaas-walk, cooking, excursions, reading time, art, craft, origami, painting, outdoor activities, katha, celebrations, prayas & umang)
  • Communication skills, stage confidence & positive self-esteem
  • Games, sports, health & fitness programme (lawn-tennis, table-tennis, basket-ball, soccer, athletics, recreational games, water-play, sand-play, swimming, indoor games, karate, skating, horse riding & adventure sports)
  • Skill building activities to develop motor, fine-motor, physical, cognitive, social, emotional and creative skills
  • Creativity and self expression
  • Participation and opportunities for all
  • Compete with self philosophy
  • Value based teaching, contemporary yet with strong roots in our culture and tradition)
  • Child centered curriculum with loving, caring, stimulating and positive atmosphere)


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"There is hope if people will begin to awaken that spiritual part of themselves, that heartfelt knowledge that we are caretakers of this planet.~Brooke Medicine Eagle "